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This is the class that has generated more Grand Champions than all of the other classes combined.  Now that’s a bold statement, but it’s also the truth, and while Pellet Envy never takes credit for the wins of others, it’s not hard to prove.  And they’re not just any wins.  Oh sure, teams go on to dominate their local events, but still others go on to win the biggest, most prestigious contests in the country, and even be national champions themselves.  That’s what this class can do for you.

Pellet Envy is the winningest team in competition barbecue since 2006.  That pretty much says it all.  They’ve competed in well over 400 events all across the country.  But enough about them.  Let’s talk about the class.  This class simulates being at a contest with Pellet Envy in virtually real time, and with no stone unturned.  That’s right, every single detail about what they do to win week in and week out.  From meat selection, trimming, prep, and seasoning, to our exact presentations and tasting everything that goes in the box.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, ask the over 1,600 people who’ve already experienced it.  Oh wait, you can’t . . . . because unless they tell you, you’ll never hear from Rod & Sheri who’s taken the class.  That’s right, not even a class picture.  Why?  Because it’s your business and you’ll tell who you want to know.

Cost for this class is $700.  Bring your spouse for $350, but only your spouse.  Careful, we might even make you prove it with a “show of affection” in front of the class (no, seriously folks, the discount is only for your spouse, not your teammate, child or parent).  Seats are limited and the only way to reserve one is to complete an application and make payment.  No deposits.  No holding seats.  It’s strictly a first come, first serve policy that is fair for everyone.  In the event an enrollee is unable to attend the class for which they are registered, the student will be eligible to attend any future class with space availability. Refunds of class registration fees will not be provided.

Class starts at 4:00PM and runs until about 8:00PM.  It starts up again the next morning at 7:00AM sharp and typically finishes about 2:30PM, but not before every single questions is answered.  Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast are included.

Two days of instruction


Rod and Sheri Gray of Pellet Envy have created a one of a kind competition cooking instructional event. The 2009 KCBS Team of the Year Champions and 2010 KCBS TOY Runner-Up, and one of the most successful team ever in competition barbecue, they will share every detail of their competitive cooking style, including the complete recipes used in competition.

•    Concentration on the four main KCBS categories – Chicken, Ribs, Pork & Brisket
•    Complete contest simulated on our traditional offset pit
•    Every detail of our award winning cooking program presented in depth
•    Meat quality, selection, and detailed information on brisket aging will be  addressed
•    Revealing techniques to allow the cook to achieve consistent, repeatable results
•    Providing proven presentations to achieve the best possible scores
•    Taste all four competition categories prepped and cooked in this class